Adidas Shackle Shoe

Adidas Shackle Shoe

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Anyone else read about this shackle shoe that Adidas came up with? Here is a picture of it:

Apparently as expected the shoe and the shackle design generated a lot of controversy already such as making people think of slavery. What this made me think of is how in the world did this design get pass all those executives in the company? You would think somewhere down the line someone would have said this thing may generate too much negativity.

I guess like in any business when you try to do things like leveraging your time that at times like these putting all your trust in others where you don’t even see the work at all for approval can definitely have its setbacks. Then again, maybe in this situation everyone did see it and gave it the thumbs up. That does make me curious too as to what type of market information they relied upon to say that this was a good idea.

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