Adding Stipulations Before Making Comfort Transaction
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Adding Stipulations Before Making Comfort Transaction

I usually prefer to walk as much as possible where it saves me a lot of money not only from transportation fees but as well I am getting exercise which means I don’t have to spend a lot of money on gym memberships or fitness classes to make up for inactivity as an example. Of course it’s a lot slower than say driving which can be a reason not to do so. While walking home today I knew there were some extra projects I wanted to do. Therefore, knowing that it would take me about an hour and a half of walking from where I was to get home I was debating about hopping onto a bus.

As I continued to walk back home I was saying to myself where if I happen to walk by a bus stop and the bus is right there I’ll opt to take it. However, each time I walked by a bus stop the vehicle was either leaving already or they were simply zipping by me as I was on the exact same direction it was travelling. So because of that I just kept walking. Another reason too is that many time when you stand there waiting there could be delays where it literally would have been better to just keep walking or that you didn’t really save as much time as anticipated.

In this case a lot of them did pass me but none of them aligned to where I was. In the end I walked all the way back home. I still had plenty of time to do things and I ended up saving money. In some ways this almost reminds of being tempted to buy something you don’t truly need at the moment like a piece of junk food. It’s okay to “cheat” once in awhile as they say. But I guess like this example I often have specific requirements to make it harder to warrant if I don’t truly need it.

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