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Adapting To The Weather Without Spending More

It’s starting to get very cold around here and as a result people are beginning to buy equipment and items to help get them through the winter times (Especially for travel and commuting needs). One thing I was debating about was buying these pair of gloves which was about $20. After thinking about it though, I thought that I could probably find it for less and so I held off.

As well, this is one of those things where I think there are so many other ways to adapt to the weather situation without spending more money. Like in this case, the only reason I was thinking of buying it was to stay warmer, but when you think about it I have pockets is my jacket that could essential do the same. So, I would rather wait until I see a very good deal.

Another common scenario I see others do, which a lot of people think is silly though, is during the summer time I see so many people use umbrellas in a sunny day. During then most people tell you to protect yourself from the sun and so you see people buying hats and other things to block the sun. Instead, many people simply use their umbrellas to accomplish the same thing and hence didn’t have to spend anything extra.

It’s always neat to see people being resourceful in those ways. I guess the hardest is for people who try to live a more green life such as riding a bike normally as I’m sure the winter weather doesn’t exactly help while making their options limited.

2 Comments to Adapting To The Weather Without Spending More

  • That’s a good tip about keeping your hands in your pockets until you can find a deal on gloves.

    I have an idea too. You can save money by not buying gloves at all. Just wear socks on your hands! You already have socks, so why not?

    I guess people might call me cheap, but I call it being resourceful.

    Athene Paroupoloulis 12/17/2008 10:35 am
  • Socks on your hands? I love it. :mrgreen: That’s definitely resourceful.

    Alan Yu 12/17/2008 1:24 pm

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