Actually Planning To Exit Your Business or Not

Actually Planning To Exit Your Business or Not

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You often hear many people who start up a business where their ultimate goal is to get bought out by a larger company so that they can then quickly enjoy the fruits of their labor. That’s what got me thinking as recently I was reading a story on how someone was getting fairly emotional as he decided to step away from the company he built for so many years with the reason being he wanted to focus on other things.

Perfectly understandable right? But in this case the person never envisioned ever quitting or not being directly hands-on with everything that happened in the business. But as time went on it seems like he realized that things could operate well without him which further convinced him that it was time to move onto greater challenges. Do you ever have that thought right from the beginning though where the goal is to grow a businesses in a way where it shouldn’t need you to be there?

I would be inclined to say probably not so much for people who start a small home based business as an example as many times people see it as something they are passionate about which happens to be able to make them money. This is versus jumping into a large corporation where the mindset is to have things keep running regardless if you are there. Kind of like someone running a small restaurant where no one else can be the head chef but them versus a very large one that is opened 24/7 which requires multiple chefs. Would an exit strategy and all be a number one priority on your business goal initially? Or would you just deal with it when the time comes as everything aligns?

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