Actually Getting More For Doing Things For Free

Actually Getting More For Doing Things For Free

There is a person that I have been learning from lately with a few other people but recently he has become injured. As a result he has a very difficult time trying to do the most basic stuff such as standing up for a while. He can’t even mow the lawn. Because he has been teaching everyone for free not surprisingly people offered to help him out with so many things without charge too. What made this interesting was that all the combined help was actually worth a lot of money in comparison to if he actually charged us money.

It’s interesting to think about as many times people think they need to charge people for everything in an effort to make a comfortable living but in some cases just being that person who is helpful and generous can bring you back so much more. That’s not to say you should always do everything for free of course as that is unreasonable. But in some ways it’s like an investment where hopefully while you are helping people in times where you can that in return you will get that help when you need it as well.

In many ways it’s almost like a skill trade as opposed to using money except here hopefully you genuinely want to do whatever it is. I guess the over the top examples are people who do things such as opening up crowdfunding campaigns for those who have always helped others. Life isn’t always about charging people as much as you can to make a living.

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