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Actively Scouring Social Media For Complaints And Praises

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Companies often encourage customers to take a survey after their purchases as it can provide valuable feedback as to what the business is doing right or wrong. Many times businesses also pay other companies to do this research for them which could actually be very expensive. However, having the data is better than nothing I suppose.

What got me thinking though recently is how I saw a company actually use its own internal staff to go around various websites to see how people are responding to its company and offerings. It could just be someone randomly posting say a bad experience with its product on something like Facebook and then out of nowhere it seems like an official account from the company attempts to inquire more about the situation to help them.

This is usually normal if you are on a shopping site and they read it under the customer review section. But in this case they were actually searching for it. This actually makes a lot of sense and just the sheer action of it probably gives a good customer service vibe to all the onlookers. Of course, you need to actually solve the problem ultimately. But this is something all companies should do to a certain extent I feel.

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