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Activating A New Credit Card

I got a new credit card in the mail today and I guess this reaffirms that the message I got last week about being sent a new credit card for security purposes which was true. I had to go through all of the normal procedures in activating a new card. I also asked the customer service agent out of curiosity on the reason that my card had to be re-issued. The person told me that one of the merchants that I have used my card with have had their computer systems stolen and therefore all of the credit card accounts in it may have been comprised.

So this isn’t just a new credit card with a different expiry date. All of the digits are different as well. One setback as a result of this is that virtually every service provider that I have my credit card setup with must be informed of this change. For example, even something as simple as the utility bill where I normally just kept my credit card number on file for easy billing must be changed now.

I suppose it’s all for the better though as it wouldn’t have been nice to get surprised by an unexpected bill at the end of the month.

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