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About The Publicity And Not The Funding

I was reading some stories today of people who at first received offers from well known investors to help fund and promote their projects. However, for one reason or another such as extensive delays in getting the deal to actually go through the entrepreneur decided to continue on his/her own. The thing was they still gained all the fame and publicity from getting the offer initially and so as a result it generated a lot more attention to their business to the point that they could grow rapidly even without the investor.

When you think about it just getting someone of an authority to like something can probably be a lot more valuable than trying to get a lot of money and advertising in a conventional way. I remember one time for example I had family members ask me if I ever used or heard of platforms such Skype or Facebook as they were wondering if it was a scam of sort since I am the more technically inclined. All I did literally was say yes I have used it before and that was good enough for them to start using it.

Imagine that same notion on a bigger scale like in this where all you need to is to get say that big investor to say they like an idea or project. You don’t even really need the money so much as opposed to the exposure and credibility a simple thumbs up would give you.

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