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A Story of Panhandling Making More Than Minimum Wage

A friend was telling me about this situation in her local town where there was a group of people who all of a sudden became unemployed and has since been looking for work.  They haven’t had much luck with it and as a result they decided to panhandle at a supermarket where a lot of wealthy individuals pass by.  The interesting thing was apparently they treated this like a job where people would literally rotate  every eight hours or so.  Apparently they did earn more than minimum wage as well doing this which was supposed to demonstrate how dysfunctional the current system is when it comes to things like income support.

I have often read many stories like this and even some where panhandlers get enough money to buy a car and live life like any other nine to five worker.  While this doesn’t exactly make me say want to do this, it is kind of a reminder where where in comes to earning an income going outside the traditional corporate route that most people are educated to do can sometimes be the option you may need to take.  Example, it can also be something far fetched like going onto a free classified ads site and getting what other people consider as “junk” and then reselling it to those that value it more.  That’s not exactly glamours when you think about it, but if at the end of the day it’s about making money and that generates more then it should make you think.

I know people like doctors always say that one good thing about being a doctor is that you are always learning and that it seems like you can never truly know everything.  I think generating an income is no different an that you need to think like that at times to prevent yourself from believing there is only one way to do it.

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