A Set Time To Upgrade Equipment or Not
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A Set Time To Upgrade Equipment or Not

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Usually for myself I often only buy new equipment for specific things if I actually need to. For example, if what I have works like a phone then there really isn’t any need to spend $1000 every year just to get the latest and greatest. For all you know that phone will be outdated and drop in price pretty quickly which makes you wonder why you didn’t wait. But then there are those that think of it more where time is money where if buying the latest and greatest means being able to finish things faster as an example then it is worth the expense. Would you ever have the approach that you will always replace something after a certain amount of time regardless if it still works per se?

I think for a business it can make more sense to always try and upgrade after a certain period in an effort to stay modern day and competitive. For example, I know for a lot of businesses before there was no need to upgrade thinks like an inkjet printer to a laser for basic document printing because it just works still. Imagine needing to replace everything for a large company. Then again, it could save so much more money in ink price as well as speed up printing time.

But how about if you were the home user that only prints maybe five documents a week or so? Like there would it make sense to upgrade even though what you have works? This could mean having more modern day features too such as a printer that could be used wirelessly. You would never upgrade until your old one breaks as an example. So would you ever think it’s a good idea personally to set a year where after a certain period you should replace the old with the new?

I think for myself six years may be a bit too long to stay with the old when it comes to tech stuff like a computer. Assuming it actually lasts that long and is still capable of basic tasks. Even then I would personally say it’s time for a change.

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