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A New Business Book In The Mail To Read And Review

I received a package yesterday from the folks at Planned TV Arts. It was a copy of the book “Profits Aren’t Everything, They’re The Only Thing” written by George Cloutier.

From what I gather the book is supposed to be very blunt and controversial in terms of the advice given on how to make your business successful. I thought that was a good topic that readers would be interested in. They asked me if I was interested in possibly setting up an interview with the author or receiving a copy of the book. I think it was better for me to read and review the book first and so they gave me this review copy.

I’ll follow the same format as I have done for every other book which is going through it chapter by chapter and will probably start within the coming week. It looks like it is about fifteen chapters consisting of about 171 pages of the main parts.

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