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A Little Progress Each Day

I had a little side project going for awhile but of course time is always an issue. As a result I have often put it aside. Not too long ago I decided to simply work on one thing a day for that project as a way to at least do something. Looking at it today, it’s almost done. To think if I would only work on it if I dedicated full days to it the thing probably would be in an idea phase still.

That kind of reminds me how people say an idea is just an idea until you do something with it. At the same time, many times just doing something is better than nothing. I find that towards the end I find time to finish it too as seeing it slowly progress is nice motivation to want to finish an item where you don’t really get to see the real results until everything is done.

I know some other methods that people use are with the help of another person to essentially nag or keep you accountable to get your side projects going. I never found this working as well for me personally as I find that I simply need to take baby steps if time is an issue. The sooner you walk the closer you get to the finish line.

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