A Job Too Small To Spend Money
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A Job Too Small To Spend Money

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I was reading over some fees that companies charge to arrive on a site and remove unwanted items that would be properly disposed. For example, maybe you have a microwave that you can’t just throw out in the garbage as it needs to be recycled and if you don’t have the means to take it to the proper places yourself you could hire a person/company to do this for you.

What was a bit surprising to be was the difference in prices that people charge for disposing one item versus say two. For example, to dispose something like a microwave it may cost you like $30 whereas an oven could be like $45. There is a pretty big difference in terms of size too when you think about it for that kind of difference in fee. At the same time a lot of companies offered things such as you can rent a bin where you dump as much stuff in there as possible and they would take everything away.

In this case I was thinking paying for a service like this when it comes to a very small job doesn’t seem o be worth it value wise. If anything, for myself I would find a way to make the job big enough to justify the expense. For example, if it was me I would probably go around asking people if they had unwanted items they needed to remove too. From there you can setup an arrangement and get better discounts as everyone chips in.

If anything you would end up saving money for yourself with this little extra effort. Of course I know some people would be a little entrepreneurial here where they would make it into a situation where they would find so many people that it ends up saving everyone money to the point where you can be flexible and get the service free for yourself. Most people wouldn’t mind too since you did all the leg work to arrange it and they end up paying less still anyways.

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