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A Hobby That Pays You

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So I ended up did trying to keep track of all the Olympic stuff today and one thing I heard that caught my attention were topics around how people train for years where for many it is like a hobby that they end up getting rewarded for financially. I was thinking how that is how many people get started in general as it is essentially a passion that just ends up being say a career.

With that in mind I always find it interesting where we are often taught that we can’t do this as you have to say study at school for specific jobs as what you enjoy doing can’t be used as a viable way to support yourself financially. I don’t know why we are taught that honestly as almost everything you can think of can be transformed into a financially rewarding career. A good story I read once was with the sport of skateboarding and how it was essentially turned into a competitive sport by a bunch of passionate people.

Even the other day I was reading this crazy story about how in Korea there is this craze of people paying others a lot of money for simply eating food in-front of a camera and interacting with people as if they were in the same dinner table. I guess essentially you just have to really enjoy what you do and that will attract others as well.

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