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A Hobby Becoming A Business

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So I’ve been continually doing that video project with a few people for fun before and it’s funny how we are naturally progressing where it feels like everything you can imagine in a business setting where you would be planning and projecting what to do next just seemed to come up. As well, it naturally opened up doors for things that we could do to generate an income in order to do more sophisticated things.

While it is not fully at that stage yet, what this makes me think of so far is that running a business doesn’t really require much rocket science as it is more about doing something you are passionate about. With that, you naturally care enough about it that you tend to get organized and serious into doing a good job which translates into success in so many other ways.

I think in these kids of circumstances too where a person made a hobby into a business I think the challenge is more about how you deal with the large amount of attention that you may not be used to as I’m sure you will have people knocking on your door left and right after where your mindset is more about continuing to do what you enjoy.

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