A Heat Warmer or A Lot of Clothing
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A Heat Warmer or A Lot of Clothing

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With the weather getting colder people are always trying to find way to stay warm. That usually means cranking up the heaters in the home or wearing a lot of thick clothing when you go outside. I know one person who refuses to turn on the heaters during the winter time as they want to save money on the energy bill. They instead just wear a bunch of clothing while indoors all the time and I have seen the person even wear like a jacket as if they are outside. They say they save money though.

It might sound silly but it makes you think in some ways whether or not one should do stuff like that more often to save money. Funny enough, my thought about say not turning on the heaters would be so much just for myself but rather other things he extreme cold could affect such as the electronic equipment that people probably have in their homes. Batteries are example of items that can lose its power quickly if left in the cold too long. Imagine taking what you think was a fully charged phone to the start of your day only to find out it’s almost dead when you go out.

I think in some situations where it could make more sense just to wear more clothing is if you are say driving a vehicle or something. But then again you may want it on so that things like your windows won’t just freeze easily to block your view.

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