A Free Market Versus A Government Controlled One 420 Arguments

A Free Market Versus A Government Controlled One 420 Arguments

It was hard not to notice that a lot of people were smoking marijuana today as apparently April 20th is a universal protest day of sort for marijuana activists. Here in Canada it has actually been legalized to a certain degree as there are even shops which are able to legally sell a specific amount of marijuana. As well, people are allowed to grow a certain amount themselves. But this isn’t good enough for people protesting as they say all this did was commercialize the industry where only say rich people can do so and anyone wanting to just grow a bunch themselves could be arrested or fined.

It made me wonder if that would be a possibility in this case where it sounds like they want it to be like how anyone can pretty much grow vegetables all they want on their own property such as a mini garden that many people have. Funny enough, in these situations things usually get regulated with fees one way or another such as how I would often see groups being formed where they then sell membership fees of sort to provide people certification that their products are say top quality.

But then again, with this argument would you rather have a group of people in the industry in a sense regulating everything or the government? It reminds me of the example of creating a video game rating system as companies were told to do something about it or they will. Eventually, things such as the ESRB was established.

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