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A Fire Insurance Covering Earthquake Insurance As Well

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This was kind of an interesting thing I heard from an insurance agent today that may or may not be fully accurate. It did kind of make sense though. Basically, there was a person looking to get insurance for a property and the agent was saying how they could skip the earthquake insurance if they wanted since an earthquake is rare in the area. At the same time, he was saying that many times an earthquake would trigger some kind of fire to the property. As a result, your fire insurance would then still cover the damages.

That is kind of interesting if it doesn’t work the other way around. For example, imagine if you only had earthquake insurance and if something caught on fire such as a gas tank that exploded as a result of the earthquake would that mean you are out of luck since technically it’s the fire that destroyed everything in the end? It’s a different perspective to insurances that I never really thought about as it can in a way help you to save money.

Again, there are probably stipulations to this and so you should research it ahead of time. Either way, interesting thing to think about.

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