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A Business or Job For Work At Home Opportunities

I have been talking to a person who has recently been searching for work at home or telecommuting jobs as at this moment she needs the flexibility of being to work at home. Not surprisingly a large chunk of the offers she has been given turned out to be a scam or they end up being a direct sales company trying to recruit commissioned sales people to join for a fee.

This then got me thinking, for all the stress that one has to go through in order to find a legitimate job doesn’t it make more sense to just start your own business? I was just searching out of curiosity because of this and for example there seems to be a ton people that are offering “jobs” to get people to do things such as writing articles for $2. Now that is a lot of articles you would have to write to even match up to say a minimum wage job at a fast food restaurant. Like with that example, if you were trying to find a job as an article writer where you can work at home and were prepared to write enough to make a living doesn’t it make more sense just to do it yourself?

Like in that case if you can write that many good quality articles I’m pretty sure you can easily publish it on your own site and create opportunities for yourself. It’s a little different if you are say looking for a customer service oriented job. But for things that require you to produce content for very little compensation where it advertises itself as a work at home opportunity I think in many cases you should simply just consider starting your own business instead.

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