A $36,000 Bottle of Whiskey
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A $36,000 Bottle of Whiskey

This news sure caught my attention. Here in BC there was apparently quite a few people lining up for days to get the chance to buy some really old Whiskey. The most expensive one was this “Glenfiddich Single Malt Scottish Whiskey” which was 50 years old. The price tag was indeed high with a cost of $36,000.

At that price it makes me wonder if people actually consume the product or if it is purchased more as a collectible. Can you imagine drinking a tiny bit of that where each small glass is like say $500? I guess like most expensive things people are pretty passionate about their hobbies as this person seemed to get rather emotional after making his purchase.


In context too, the person did mention it was the people that made him emotional. In many ways it’s like paying $36,000 to have an intensive get to know people event huh?

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