24 Hour Cash Flow

24 Hour Cash Flow

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I was having a debate with a person today about the definition of having a 24 hour cash flow. Basically, his definition of this was having something that literally generated at least one cent every second of the day. That was a pretty stiff definition of the term I thought and not surprisingly he was having a tough time trying to find ways that people actually do this.

The only thing I could think of personally was if you were in the business of supplying people electricity or some kind of energy source that people use around the clock. I personally always viewed the term of having a 24 cash flow as simply a way to get you thinking on how you can leverage your time in life where you can get paid daily while not actually being at the place of business around the clock.

In that sense you can accomplish that through a lot of ways such as gaining interest from an investment, renting a property, having a shop of some sort on autopilot, etc.

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