How Many Times Would You Take Advantage of This Coupon
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How Many Times Would You Take Advantage of This Coupon

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I just stumbled upon this recently and thought that this is a great deal for all the Canadian readers who are still doing their Christmas shopping. Apparently, the store Mark’s Work Wearhouse has this coupon that states you can get $10 off on purchases that are $10 or more. Hence, you can almost literally get products for close to free and the coupon lasts until December 24th.

This is the coupon to print out:

mark's work wearhouse $10 coupon

There are stipulations as you can see printed on the coupon, but regardless that is a pretty good coupon for anyone who is still shopping. The interesting thing is too before the old coupon didn’t have too many restrictions in terms of what you could get.

I did visit the store today to see if there were still any interesting things to get for say about $10 and there were a lot of neat little items that I could get with the coupon I thought. Therefore, I could literally walk out with buying various things for literally pennies. Thing is too, this coupon expires on the 24th which means someone could literally just keep going back.

In the spirit of saving money, at this point I’m thinking if I ever pass by one of these stores during this month that I wouldn’t mind continually seeing what else I could get for the $10 range. I’m personally one who would use it as much as possible.

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