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The Backstory of The People You Work With

Thursday, March 27th, 2014 by

I was surprised today as I bumped into a podcast that happened to talk about a person whom I’ve worked with before. Basically it went over the struggles and tribulations she had to go through in life which ultimately brought her into the career that she is in. It was indeed surprising as my initial assumption was this was a story on how someone simply took something they were passionate about and went with it.

Would I view the person differently? Probably yes but in a positive way. In some ways it makes you wonder why we aren’t all more open to sharing our personal stories. In many ways it can be a positive thing as even in business it’s about establishing that relationship with people right? What better way to do that than for people to know the trials and tribulations that you have went through to get to where you are?

It’s tricky as that requires showing vulnerability and I know many say that in a business environment you can’t show any sappy sides like that which would make you seem “weak.” I tend to think it’s all about sounding more “real” nowadays. Everyone has a story before they arrived at their destination, so to speak.

Investing Around The Idea And Leadership or Revenue

Friday, April 12th, 2013 by

Today I was reading about venture capitalism in general and the different approaches that some people take when it comes to funding a business or organization. The one interesting point I thought was that the ones who were most successful were the people that focused more in investing into companies they felt had a good idea and leadership as oppose to people who were so caught up in simply the numbers.

I suppose in many ways that does make sense right? It must be a lot harder too though to invest in things mostly based on if you think it will be good later as the risk is extremely high as opposed to someone that already has a good revenue flow. Then again, I guess that explains why those people are more successful in many ways financially as it’s kind of like the saying of more risk more reward. At the same time, if you are basing it on a person’s track record or leadership background then one could argue the risk should be less.

In many ways I suppose it is similar to shows like Dragon’s Den and Shark Tank where every investor seems to have a different philosophy whee it comes to investing. I would say when it comes to getting funding on the Internet with places like Kickstarter it feels like it is more a people’s platform where it seems like it’s all about the idea and the people behind it. I feel that is how it should be and we need more things like that.

Investing In Your Future Phrase

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 by

While reading through this e-mail pitch today this one phrase seemed to have stuck on my mind where a person was trying to convince people to buy his service by explicitly using the phrase that you should invest in you future if you are serious about your business. Do you find that phrase works a lot on you?

For myself I tend to be a little sceptical when people use that phrase mainly because I recognize it’s an emotional string of sort to get you to take action. In general it probably is more effective though than say trying to edify your product or service like crazy. I guess at the end of the day this emphasizes that in any literature it should be more about what your product or service can do for people as oppose to how good it is.

Starting A Venture With Someone You Barely Know

Friday, February 15th, 2013 by

This week I am going to do something that I have never really tried before. Essentially, I am going to create this new venture with a person whom I barely know anything about other than his professional background. Essentially, we both thought that we each brought the necessary skills to the table to do this and figured why not?

This is kind of scary I must say. However, we are trying to do everything necessary to try and avoid conflict such as clearly drafting out a contract of each party’s expectation. Would you feel you need to know way more about a person though before starting a business with them? The ironic thing is from my experience even if it is someone you have known for a long time a business relationship with them can be bad still whether it’s the difference in skill or ethic. So in some ways it’s like the risk factor is the same regardless of who you decide to do business with.

I think for fun I will actually document my experience on this blog this year so that every can see whether or not this kind of a thing is a good idea or bad idea.

Reminding People of Your Accomplishments

Thursday, December 6th, 2012 by

This was an interesting topic today as I was looking at this shop and how this guy seemed to have awards and accomplishments plastered everywhere. Some of the items were simply contests as well that seemed to be more of a small event. However, it was obvious that he wasn’t shy in showing in off. I was talking to another person about this and we were saying how this in a way gives him credibility to those that have never dealt with him.

Many times too amongst the same community of people they would argue to no end at how so and so’s accomplishments don’t mean much because it wasn’t as difficult to accomplish or as noteworthy compared to another person’s accomplishment. So therefore, they don’t bother to tell people about it. Like anything there has to be some balance. For example, I’m sure you wouldn’t want to plaster your accomplishments on how you got a gold star for getting good grades in elementary school. However, the little things such as winning local contest or being featured in small publications is a good way to help yourself stand out I think. Like they say, can’t be afraid to brag a little.