Your Habits or Budgeting Plans
Financial Management

Your Habits or Budgeting Plans

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Recently I was with a group of people and a conversation came up about maintaining ones health and one person was saying how he can’t eat too much of a particular item otherwise he will gain weight. Now she seemed like she did a lot of physical activities too and so you would think one wouldn’t have an issue with things like that. Afterwards I realized that she was into things such as smoking and drinking alcohol. So in my mind I thought that kind of explained some points about the weight issue.

At the same time, she was also talking about finances and how she tries so much yet it seems like it is such a challenge to stay balanced at the end of the month. I was just thinking about her habits though such as those cigarettes and how that is probably one huge monthly expense alone. I’m almost inclined to say that it would be close to a monthly gas bill for people who drive a car.

I personally dislike some styles of budgeting where people create charts outlining if you do two things good to save money then that means you can do two things that are bad in terms of spending it. Hence, you are always just breaking even. Is that really a good way to manage your finances though? Would that make sense in say a business where the strategy is if you get one happy customer then that gives you one customer to make angry?

In many ways I think focusing on your habits is more effective than just creating budgets in general. Cause with that you are focused on living a particular lifestyle which is the key to producing results personally and financially.

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