WYZE Showing Customers Its Business Struggles On Video

WYZE Showing Customers Its Business Struggles On Video

Recently I was looking for a small portable vacuum and oddly enough one company that came up was called WYZE. I have heard of them primarily as home security camera company, but I guess they expanded into other things as well. That is when I watched some of their videos on YouTube and the first one I saw was this which talked about its financial hardships.

It was about how they ran out of funds during the pandemic as investors weren’t funding companies as much plus there was global supply issues. This placed the company into survival mode. As I was watching it though this actually made me more compelled to buy from them as a customer. Even some people were expressing how frustrated they were with the customer service being slower but then watching this made them more understanding.

So many times we are taught to always look strong and successful. Yet this is an example how showing the bad at times can actually be good as well to show that you are relatable.

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