Writer’s Guild AI Agreement

Writer’s Guild AI Agreement

As many people may know writers in the US were on strike as they looked for a new agreement with the studios where AI was one of the biggest topics. The fear was for example studios could use existing work in hopes to teach it’s AI how to write a screenplay to the point where human writers would be out of the job. So how did it turn out? Apparently, these were the points agreed upon:
5. Artificial Intelligence

We have established regulations for the use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) on MBA-covered projects in the following ways:

AI can’t write or rewrite literary material, and AI-generated material will not be considered source material under the MBA, meaning that AI-generated material can’t be used to undermine a writer’s credit or separated rights.
A writer can choose to use AI when performing writing services, if the company consents and provided that the writer follows applicable company policies, but the company can’t require the writer to use AI software (e.g., ChatGPT) when performing writing services.
The Company must disclose to the writer if any materials given to the writer have been generated by AI or incorporate AI-generated material.
The WGA reserves the right to assert that exploitation of writers’ material to train AI is prohibited by MBA or other law.

This is a hot topic across various industries so seeing how this played out gives you an idea how others may follow suit. For example, there is actually an actor’s strike still with AI usage of people’s likeness being a key talking point. I can imagine companies or organizations actually making AI policies like these in order to attract creative talent as an example to ensure their work will in a sense be protected.

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