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Wrapping My Head Around Eating Gold To Justify A Price

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Lately there have been a ton of food related videos online where people try to find the most expensive things to order from a restaurant and eat it. The assumption of course is that if something is super expensive then it must be the tastiest thing you will ever eat. However, I noticed a pattern where for a ton of expensive food dishes one of the key ingredients is gold. People literally just sprinkle or cook actual gold into a dish and now all of a sudden you could be eating like a $500 pizza.

Just thinking out it still puzzles me as from what I have seen no one says it adds any flavor to the dish as an example where it is better. You are literally just eating money in many ways for the sake of eating something expensive. This kind of crazy idea sure shows you that if you make something expensive enough to the point where it is a novelty people will buy it out of curiosity huh?

I am still waiting for the day where someone will make like a lettuce wrap with $1000 bills instead of lettuce or something like that now.

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