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Would You Pay More To Be Self Sustainable

One piece of news I read recently was about that Tesla Powerwall where it is essentially a way where home users can place this battery device into their homes where solar power can not only power the house but the battery can store any excess power for use when the sun isn’t out. The biggest information out of all this apparently is that the Powerwall is supposed to cost about $3000 which is substantially cheaper than anything else. At the same time, it makes it semi feasible for not just large corporations or the rich.

Of course, a big criticism about this is that you still need to invest in all the other items such as a solar panel and power capacity wise a single Powerwall isn’t enough to power a home throughout the night. It did me think though, would you be inclined to implement solutions like this for yourself for the sake of being self-sustainable even if it costs more?

I feel for myself, in these types of situations there has to be something more such as a health benefit. Kind of like saying, even if buying groceries at the supermarket may be cheaper at times, even if having your own self sustainable garden may cost more the convenience and control of knowing exactly what you are getting may be worth it. Otherwise, it usually does simply come down to money.

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