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Would You Avoid Tips to Prevent Over Spending

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Interesting comment I heard today I thought. Basically, while giving people tips is a pretty common thing to do for various services, one person was saying how he couldn’t believe that people still gave tips even if it meant that they were going over budget for the purchases. Hence, they are hurting themselves financially. I guess an example would be at a restaurant. Say your budget was only $5 for a meal. Sure enough, the meal itself is $5 with tax, but including a tip would mean you are going over budget. Does it make sense to do it in that case still?

It’s kind of interesting to think about as many people say you must give tips to people as they apparently don’t earn much and so this is supposed to cover that. Yet when you think about it, if you truly do have your own budget then it would make sense to always look out for yourself first in many ways. You can use this example in many other cases too such as having to take the taxi and having a certain budget that you must stick with. Just the thought and notion of not providing a decent tip would bring out so much negative talk about yourself and so most people would rather go into debt than not over spend.

Comments to Would You Avoid Tips to Prevent Over Spending

  • At least in the US, certain services are associated with tips, so you really can’t avoid them. Really, the best thing to do is to consider the tip in the overall cost of using a service and comparing that to other alternatives. For example, consider the cost of going to a bar with 3 of your friends. The cost of 2 drinks each will easily run you $65-80 + $8 tip. Compare that to buying a premium bottle of Scotch for $30 and a case of beer for $25.

    joewatch 8/13/2010 5:36 am
  • Tipping is an integral part of North American culture. In this culture, if you don’t tip you are a cheapskate.

    If you can afford to eat in a restaurant, then you can afford to leave a tip. If you can afford to take a taxi, then you can affort to leave a tip.

    I agree with Joewatch, you need to think of it as part of the price of a meal. Plan your budget accordingly.

    Tim 8/16/2010 1:42 pm

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