Working For Less In Hopes Of Bigger Things

Working For Less In Hopes Of Bigger Things

I was thinking today as I have a few projects under my belt where certain ones are financially compensating me what I expect and some of them don’t. For the most part I am doing those other projects out of good faith. That got me thinking as many times people say you should simply drop those who aren’t compensating you appropriately as it usually ends up where you will simply get taken advantage of by others and ultimately not being able to support yourself financially.

I know the thing I always think about in these cases is that I made an agreement to do something and so it seems wrong to not follow through. The drawback is in these cases when they do turn bad it simply gives the other party an opportunity to not fulfill their end of the agreement where essentially you only end up hurting yourself. For me, the way I justify it I suppose is that I document the whole experience. So even if it does turn out bad I at least have a very good story/experience to tell.

Most importantly too, if you are ever generous in these cases you should accept them with the mindset that you may potentially not get anything period. Might sound weird, but essentially it’s like investing in a stock I think. If you aren’t prepared to possibly just lose everything without it turning your world upside down then you shouldn’t do it in the first place. In many ways, doing things for less than what you are worth is like investing in a stock the more I think about it.

This even reminds me of like private teachers who are willing to teach people for less money in hopes that they are helping them to succeed which in-turn will mean more business for them. It’s all risk assessment I guess you can say.

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