You Have To Work To Waste That Much Money
Financial Management

You Have To Work To Waste That Much Money

I saw this video from the Wall Street Journal site today revolving around the theme on how one could make $400,000 a year and still feel broke. You can see the video at

I don’t know if this is supposed to be serious or a form of satire comedy. Example, $500 a week on groceries? $12,000 in club dues a year? This kind of reminds me of what I found to be a comical infographic that the WSJ created awhile back talking about how tax hikes affect people which you can see here:




Like with that, people sure make a lot of money on average to be sad huh? 😀  It does make me wonder if these types of information are based on real examples. I mentioned it before though, reading stuff like this and seeing how ridiculous it is can in a strange way help you to manage your money better as I don’t think anyone wants to be in that pool of financial graduates. You have to actually try and go out of your way to waste money to achieve that level of accomplishment in many ways.

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