When You Find Out Get Rich Quick Business Gurus Are Not Wealthy

When You Find Out Get Rich Quick Business Gurus Are Not Wealthy

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To me this wasn’t too surprising overall as I was reading a local story on how a famous self-proclaimed money guru that is known for showing off expenses cars and houses ended up actually not owning any of it. They were either all leased or rented. That’s kind of a problem when your pitch in selling say a one thousand dollar course is supposed to enable you to own the stuff that this person does huh? I’m actually not surprised that the person doesn’t own any of the items as it’s a pretty typical marketing tactic. I am actually more surprised that people don’t ask for some kind of tangible proof of all the jobs they did to get to where they are.

That’s one of the most common items I see that a get rich quick person avoids as they often talk a lot about how you can sell millions but neglect to ever show the millions they sold. Are we just simply too desperate at times in trying to find the quick and easier answer? I was always taught the saying of if it is too good to be true it probably is.

Nowadays too there are so many options where if you are debating about spending $2000 on a course on how to start say selling on Ebay I think it may be wiser to just try it with small items first. Because in a lot of cases these “guru” courses are essentially just telling you how “big” the market potential is and how to setup an account. There is very little risk if any with many online platforms that offer you a way to sell a product or service.

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