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When You Are Anticipating To Be Financially Set

A person was telling me the other day that it will be about a year or two when some kind of inheritance he is getting will pretty much set him for life where he will no longer have to worry about money. It was kind of funny as he was saying how while he won’t change his lifestyle much he said that he must choose at least one purchase where he will spend a ton of money for the heck of it just because he can. With that he felt it should hold him off from making consistent large purchases.

It’s interesting as usually you either have the you must find a way to spend it type of mentality otherwise it seems wasteful or that the money will instead mean more ways for you to invest in other things in order to open different doors. He did make one good point too where it came down to life experience which is why he isn’t too caught up in having to say buy a large house or an expensive car afterwards as his field of work made him see a lot of things that made him appreciate life and helping others.

I guess that is a good example where sometimes to make yourself manage and appreciate the money you have more is to simply get more life experience in areas where you get to work with people who are not as fortunate or where you know that the decisions you make can have a profound impact on others.

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