What’s Stopping You From Trying Cryptocurrency

What’s Stopping You From Trying Cryptocurrency

Today there was a lot of news about cryptocurrency and how some banks are trying to think of ways to get into the game. The most popular cryptocurrency known to the average person is probably Bitcoin. I was then trying to think why even a person like myself still hasn’t jumped into this stuff even though many people say it isn’t going away.

The only real thing I can think of is how I see it more as just plain money as opposed to an investment per se. In that sense for me as a regular consumer if I don’t see the places I shop at accept the currency then it seems like a risk to invest into things like a bitcoin. Thinking about it though if I was able to view it as purely an investment like some stock then I would probably take it a bit more seriously where you could potentially benefit from it.

Even looking at the charts on how the currency goes up and down so much kind of shows me that you really do have to view it more as an investment at this point. Is it a mistake not to get into this stuff now even with like say $100? So hard to say like anything else that you would invest your money into that has big risk and reward.

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