Wanting To Spend As Little Money As Possible For A Child or Not
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Wanting To Spend As Little Money As Possible For A Child or Not

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With the Christmas shopping days getting closer to the deadline a lot of people are scrambling to get presents still. One particular group of people to shop for usually just results in last minute purchases. These are kids that one wouldn’t normally see too much such as maybe a friend who has children. Like there you don’t usually know what to get so you go into the store and just buy what sticks out at the moment.

It is safe to say many times that kids don’t really understand or appreciate the monetary value of a gift. AS long as it is something they want o brings joy then it is great. Reminds me of the examples people give where they buy this child a super expensive toy car or something that came in a huge box and they end up just goofing around with the large box like a costume.

Usually when you buy gifts for older people one tends to be self-conscious about spending too little as they don’t want to feel cheap. But for a small child would you be inclined to not want to spend too much? For example, you see this toy of a cartoon figure you know they watch but it is $80. You know they will probably play with it a few times and throw it to the corner too. So would you still want to spend that much? I know for myself it’s a factor in deciding what to buy. Would rather by a bunch of smaller toys that would probably accomplish the same thing as an example and have longer lasting value that the child would appreciate.

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