Wanting To Just Make a Sale For Difficult Customers or Not

Wanting To Just Make a Sale For Difficult Customers or Not

Imagine you have a business like a clothing store where you strongly believe in giving it your all to find a solution that is perfect for your customer. You are okay with helping them try dozens of different clothing combinations to find the perfect one they are satisfied with. But what if there is this one customer where it seems like you have tried a hundred different combinations and they still don’t seem to be positive in making the sale? Would you simply just sell them something less than perfect per se just to wrap up the transaction?

Like here if it is clothing related one would theoretically just tell them that the clothing they chose looks awesome on them even if it doesn’t just to close the sale. I know a lot of people would do that as at some point for many the time spent on this one person is probably costing one a lot of money. Would you do that? The other strategy I have seen is that the business will simply tell the customer that unfortunately they can’t offer them a solution where they will need to look elsewhere. Essentially, just giving up on the sale.

I know for myself I would rather just communicate to the person that what I am showing is unfortunately all I have and then potentially even recommend them to someone else who may have a solution that they need. Just recommending something that isn’t truly good for them can potentially come back negative on you I feel. No different where if people walk into a store to request a item they don’t have ten many people simply try and guide them to a place that may have that item instead. You can’t be all things to all people.

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