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Walking 21 Miles A Day To Work Without A Car

What an inspiring story this was about a man named James Robertson who commutes to work each day for 23 miles. 21 miles of the commute is walking as a result of the lack of public transit available to where he needs to get to. Based on what I read, he has been doing this for over ten years. You can watch a video of it below:

A crowdfunding campaign was started because of this at where the hope was to raise enough money to get him a car. It wasn’t even Robertson himself who started this as he simply goes on without complaining. The campaign has exceed its initial goal of $5000 and was over $130,000 when I last saw it.


While you could argue that walking that far is silly such as how he could try and move closer to his job or use things like a bicycle, the main point out of this was how if you have the will there is a way. Like here he could have been someone that just complains he needs financial assistance or else it is impossible to make a living. Instead, he just does it without complaining. It’s nice to see that the hard work and commitment is going to pay off now.

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