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Visually Seeing Negative Figures To Take Action

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While for myself it is true that seeing your amount of funds in say the bank motivates you try try and do better, today a person was telling me that one way he helps to get people out of debt is with the simple process of getting them to literally how much debt they have. Basically, they have to come face on with an exact digit of how much they owe as opposed to having unpaid bills scattered everywhere..

Apparently, in this case it is kind of the same as the example above except here he found that people will be more motivated to get out of debt as they don’t want to look like someone who is dependent on others and can’t handle money. I suppose it hits one’s ego in a different way. I was just thinking how if the figure is big enough that it could be counter productive as it would be like a constant taunt to some that the number is too large to ever get rid of.

I think a good hybrid method for that is how if the debt is too big then you should break it up into pieces and tackle them one one by. That way you see visual progress that looks substantial enough to make you want to keep going.

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