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Vancouver Road Tolls Implementation

It was interesting reading a piece of news today on how the city of Vancouver has apparently approved a tolling system for vehicle users that are entering the metro core area. To my understanding the logic is to try and raise more money while potentially reducing vehicles. I don’t know how this is a good idea right now though as it can potentially cause less people to visit businesses in those areas that are already suffering due to COVID restrictions.

I personally don’t use a vehicle most of the time as I actually get by through walking and transit when needed. But living here all my life I actually can’t see at the moment how a tolling system makes sense for the type of areas we have. Although people like bicycle riders don’t really care where some are even celebrating about it.

I do wonder if businesses will end up trying to fight this or simply move elsewhere as an example. Or same thing with regular drivers will they simply pay the tolls or try and get it reversed?

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