Using Your Budget Banking Mostly On One Big Item or Variety

Using Your Budget Banking Mostly On One Big Item or Variety

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It was interesting hearing two people debate on how to spend a large budget in order to produce some work for their client. With this budget one person wanted to get the best gear and resources which would indeed produce the best quality work. However, getting the absolute best would mean they can’t do as much. The other person would rather use great, but not the best, resources so that they can do everything possible to create the best well rounded product. Fair to say they didn’t see eye to eye.

There really is no right or wrong answer when you think about it. This mostly comes down to execution and delivery. Kind of like saying you can have a restaurant with one crazy awesome dish that pretty much makes the restaurant famous or you can have one with a ton of great varieties. Both methods can be successful. I guess in this case it’s whether or not you can see it going both ways and then potentially taking the best out of each option.

Would you be able to have that much open mindness in terms of a business direction on what to invest into? It’s generally safer and wiser not to put all your eggs in one basket as they say. But I do think it is important to at times recognize the value of each approach. Otherwise it can go both ways where you are either approaching it way too safe or extremely limiting your options.

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