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Using Up Travel Funds

I was talking to a person today who was debating about spending money on a certain item or if she should simply save it to spend on her trip that she will be taking in a few months. What that made me think is how most people when they say budget $3000 for a trip they intend to spend it all one way or another. For example, even if by the end of it all they have $200 left they will be inclined to spend it at the souvenir shop at the airport.

For myself, I always find it more rewarding to be able to walk out with more money saved after as it’s almost like a testimony to how financially savvy you can be even at places that are new to you while still enjoying what you wanted to. Buying things like those mugs with your name on it which cost say $30 just makes me feel weird personally for the sake of using up funds.

I guess a way to break that mentality is that is to always have something to look forward in doing after your vacation is over. That way, you will be more inclined to think of how you can use the extra money you have on more productive things once your fun and relaxation is over. Some will say that is weird as you shouldn’t be thinking of anything when you go on a vacation. But, in my opinion if a vacation is supposed to be about being happy and all then there is no reason to go so crazy during that period where you will be financially stressed out later.

Consider saving the extra money from there as a residual vacation by easing up fiances on other things to continue being happy I say.

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