Using Reputation On Other Things To Promote Your New Items

Using Reputation On Other Things To Promote Your New Items

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I was thinking today as I saw a company listing all its customer reviews for a product where at first it seemed pretty impressive of all the positive remarks it got. As I actually read the comments though I noticed it was odd. For one item it was a cover and people were commenting such as how they like the quality of the “bag”. As it turned out they just listed all the reviews they got in general where having it next to the new items they want to sell gives the perception that people are talking about that specific product.

It made me think how many times as a business strategy it actually works for companies to use their reputation on other things to promote their new ones. You could argue like here it is kind of deceptive from a consumer point of view. Although in some ways it’s kind of like people using brands in order to sell items as you usually associate certain things with a level of quality.

In many ways it’s one of those things that shouldn’t be off the table I suppose as many companies usually do the same thing just in a different way.

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