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Using Prizes To Do Work For You

I was looking over this strategy that a company had where they heavily relied on their customers to get the word out about their services in order to attract more clients. In a way, I guess you can say they use their customers as an alternative to having to hire in-house workers to do various marketing jobs. The way they do this is that they introduce their customers contests where they want to see who can create the best ad while getting the most views. The winner would get say free service for thee months.

Imagine having hundreds of people trying to create and generate exposure for them and expense wise it just costs them three months of free service. In many ways you can say they are getting cheap labor this way. Many people do this in an online environment especially as most people don’t actually think of the time and effort they are putting into such a thing as all they hear is free stuff.

I guess an over exaggerated example would be say a cooking contest where whoever makes you the best meal wins $100 and they have to supply everything themselves. So if you have like a hundred people trying to win you will most likely get well over $100 worth of food as a result. Even say thirty people will probably produce more than a $100 worth of stuff.

Definitely something to think about when you are presented with such contest offers.

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