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Using Company Points To Get Affiliate Money

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Today I saw this company where its online business model was mainly to have people try out free offers from various vendors while doing surveys. Of course, the business gets like say $2 to $10 for every survey or offer that people try as a direct result of their referral. Their incentive to get people to do so is to reward them with these points of sort that can be used as a currency for their in-house products. Example, doing one survey can net them 100 points which can be used to play a game or 1000 to buy a cheap item.

It seems like it is doing well for them too. Compare that in contrast where if you went with the more traditional route where you say charged people $5 for like 1000 points or something like that and you probably won’t get as large of a response unless your product is truly in demand. There is a drawback to this though as many of these affiliate companies don’t allow you to offer incentives in order to get people to try the products.

For example, if one vendor offered me $5 to refer someone to try its product I can’t say that I will offer you $1 to do so. There are many that don’t mind though as long as it is qualified leads. Different ways of creating a business.

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