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Using An Anniversary As A Sale or Crowd Generator

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Today I actually saw two different companies which coincidentally were have an anniversary this month. Usually most company often hold some kind of sale where in many cases that is what people expect. However, one of the company instead didn’t slash prices on any of its products and services but rather they literally just decided to hold a public party of sort as its strategy was to just build a crowd and publicity in hopes in the long run that will get their company out there more.

That’s not too bad of an idea I think as I think that way you are milking the opportunity more as things like a crazy sale can happen very often where most people would just treat it as something nice. However, especially if you have been around for awhile I can easily see how making your organization’s anniversary public can generate so much attention in other ways which would indirectly bring in business. For example, maybe it will catch the attention of some business editor who would then be interested in finding out more about the business where if it has been there for so long there must be something good to find.

Of course, you could integrate a good sale and marketing buzz strategy which would probably be the best way to do it if you have the resources.

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