Using A Celebrity Who Doesn’t Fit A Lifestyle

Using A Celebrity Who Doesn’t Fit A Lifestyle

A lot of people dream about having a huge celebrity endorse their products and services as on paper that should mean their millions of followers will potentially become customers for you. What got me thinking is how I saw one company enlist the help of an individual that literally doesn’t play the sport that their product is for and it kind of shows whenever the person tried to awkwardly preform various moves. Sure enough, this generated some criticism on why the company chose that person versus all the people who live and breathe the sport who could have been a great representative.

I find that a lot of old school executives still think in a one-dimensional manner in that regards as I am sure in the past all you had to do was show someone famous using your product on a TV commercial and that would give it instant credibility. Nowadays with so much personalities and content on social media people tend to be more savvy in wanting to say trust people with real skills and knowledge in a particular category since it is easier to verify.

One guy spending all his time posting photos at a restaurant while the other is playing a competitive sport where you can see videos of it as an example makes it hard for people to trust just anyone that is popular for whatever reason. I am inclined to say it should be more cost effective for a business too where instead of paying a celebrity one million dollars for a TV spot you can probably acquire the help of a lesser known say real athlete in this case to make a bigger impact. Doesn’t that sound like the better choice?

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