Superstore Union Labor Strikes And Inconveniences

Superstore Union Labor Strikes And Inconveniences

So I read recently that the supermarket Superstore may be going on strike as apparently 97% of its workforce is in favor of a strike. I would imagine it would be related to wages with some stories I read online of people complaining that the company allegedly tries to keep people part time while making them work full time. This is a pretty large business that a lot of people depend on for grocery shopping.

In situations like these I usually hear two perspectives. Either you are in support of it as you want workers to be treated fairly or you blast it telling people to get a new job if they don’t like it as it will cause disruptions or everyone. In these cases I tend to say if they feel the need to strike then there must be something that needs to be addressed in the company. As simply the consumer I have no idea what is going on. However, I can relate where if it was a place I am working for I can easily see how there can be a lot of questionable internal practices that the customer’s don’t normally see. If the employee isn’t happy that will reflect on the service as well.

So with that I would be understanding and simply shop elsewhere temporarily in hopes that they work things out. Of course it’s hard to say that if it’s an integral service for many like say transportation. But in most cases I find you need to be understanding a little on the struggles people are going through with their employer as we don’t usually see all the behind the scene drama.

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