Underestimating The Value of Your Combined Experience

Underestimating The Value of Your Combined Experience

Today there was an awesome sunset view at the lake and I decided to capture it with my drone. There was another person there with his digital camera and was going to capture it that way. So here we were two different people with different skills and tools but were trying to capture the same scenery in our own way. He started to give me pointers on how to get the best shot since he couldn’t just walk on the lake as an example so in many ways he could do it precariously through myself and the drone.

With his point, the shot I got looked amazing. I asked him if he did photography professionally and he said no. I asked how long he had been doing it for and he said about 20 years. My first reaction was with that amount of time he is pretty much a pro. But he didn’t think so. Considering he was able to precisely instruct me how to get the best shot there it is fundamentally no different than what a professional would do.

It makes you think how many sills and experience we all have where we just take it for granted. In reality, it could be at the same level if not better than someone charging hundreds of dollars an hour for it.

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