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Trying To Show Extra Effort To Get More Tips

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I was at a restaurant today and noticed something interesting when it came to paying the bill. Basically, the person was using a credit card and the restaurant was a partner for these Airmile program points. Therefore, people that dine there can earn free points. Upon paying the bill the waitress was saying how she did something great for him as she gave him triple the amount of points than what he was supposed to normally get.

His first reaction to me was that he read a study about this recently and how people in the service industry have found that if you imply to the customer that you did something above and beyond for them they will tip you more. As well, if you continually ask them how their dining experience was at the end of the meal that apparently makes people tip more too.

I can perfectly see how this would work too. What I do find funny is one’s reaction when they first read of such a study and then have it presented in-front of them. In this case he ended up just tipping the standard amount as he couldn’t help but feel like he was being semi manipulated. Kind of an interesting predicament that it puts a person in I must say.

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