Trying To Save Money At Your Expense Business Wise

Trying To Save Money At Your Expense Business Wise

I thought this would be a useful example on how many times there are people who simply want to use you as away to save money for themselves in a business environment even though they try to come across as someone who either has no money or is offering you all they have. Of course if it is for a cause you believe in then like most people I would do it for free. But when people are creating something to essentially try and elevate themselves financially that’s a different story.

In this scenario a person first told me how he had a production with a team fully assembled. It was going to be a low to no budget project. He expressed how despite him having all the necessary people he really wanted to have me on board for various technical jobs. This would be a dedicated commitment as well since I couldn’t do anything else. He offered me a really small pay for the job which is probably about 10% of the standard market rate.

To me it just didn’t make business sense where if he really needed a professional solution then in my mind he could budget for it. So I recommended that he simply use the person that they had who was fully capable of doing the job apparently. That was pretty much it. Fast forward months later and for whatever reason it seemed like he lost his team.

So he contacts me again and this time asks if I could recommend a place where he could learn how to do all the technical work himself and he was actually considering buying his own gear. I was thinking in my mind if he actually went through with that it would literally cost him over $1000 just to get licensed. That’s not even including the experience to actually become competent with various tools. Add the expense of hardware and resources and $3000 is probably a close estimate for the final expense.

That’s what you have to think here. He initially said he would offer me a very low-ball rate as he had no money. Yet here he somehow can come up with that much? It’s a very common scenario I have found and is probably a common mistake I have made in the past as I always want to try and help people. But in reality there are always so many people that will take advantage of your generosity to the point where you really do need to approach things from a business perspective.

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